Saturday, January 29, 2011

& dresses to delight the little girls...

Sylvia Tillman had the joyous task of giving dresses to little Dominican girls who came to St. Mary's health clinic.

& eyeglasses the better to see with...

Sandy Cimino, Pam Clark & Ann McHale helped Dominican adults find the right reading glasses.

Medications at the ready... but never enough to meet the need...

Thousands of pills... hundreds of bottles of liquid medications & yet, the demand quickly exceeded the supply. Still, the pharmacy staff worked with the doctors & nurse practioners to offer appropriate medicines for the patients coming to St. Mary's.

Team B pharmacy crew -- Jim O'Keefe, Pat Penny & Janee Muetterties -- dispensed medications from a pew in St. Mary's parish hall...
somewhat backbreaking work... bend, bend, bend!

Way more than medical!

Day 2 with the B team at St. Mary's Episcopal Church involved providing excellent medical care... AND generous & companionable laughter.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Villagers congregate en masse for health clinic...

Villagers crowded into the school yard in the village of Yaroa. People were milling, jostling, wanting to be first in line. But, order prevailed thanks to the excellent help of local council members.

Intake & Triage...

The triage crew-- Katherine, Maureen & Daniel Slade, Jean Kuhn and Susan Ebling
weighed folks in, checked blood pressure & blood sugar...before sending patients on in family clusters to visit with a doctor or nurse practioner.

Docs on Mission in the Dominican Republic

Jill Kane, Michele Chapnick, Jayne Gilmore, Rose Milano, Howie Lee, Mark Kuhn & Greg Lawton had a full lineup of over 300 patients... with many, many children to see in Yaroa. They experienced many illnesses and complaints that are rooted in poverty. Knowing that the medical assistance they can give is limited, the doctors focused on listening & affirming the patients... treating them with dignity... making a person to person difference... the best that mission can be.

Dresses Delight Sweet Senoritas in Yaroa

Karen Snyder was tickled pink in Yaroa at the enthusiastic response to the dress project, which she dreamed up when she saw naked little girls at the Dominican Republic medical clinics in past years. She recalls, too, when one mother brought her three little girls in one at a time to the clinic, because her daughters only had one dress to share. For Karen... bringing 600 dresses this year to the Dominican Republic is a sharing dream come true.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Dominican Dreams ~ 2011 Health Care Mission

Follow the 2011 Dominican Republic Health Care Mission Team
Montellano, Dominican Republic
January 26 ~ February 4

On January 24, 2011, members of a 93-person health care mission team [50 new team members!] will begin congregating on the north shore of Hispaniola, Dominican Republic. These medical professionals and mission volunteers hope to celebrate the 25th year of this medical outreach project to Haiti and the Dominican Republic by making it the best one yet! [Last year, 60 persons participated and served over 4,000 people!]
Led by Fr. Larry Snyder & his wife Karen, team members from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Alabama, Illinois, Iowa and Canada expect to begin setting up for clinics on January 25 & 26. On January 27, the health care team plans to go mobile, traveling & providing medical & dental care each day through February 3 to thousands of Dominicans as well as Haitian refugees in nearby rural villages.
Medical Directors Dr. Amy Harvey, Dr. Michel Chapnick and Dr. George Stollsteimer, Dental Director Dr. Ken Messer and Pharmacy Director Jim O'Keeffe will provide the professional health care direction for the clinics.

The 93-member team will be working under the auspices of the Episcopal Church of the Dominican Republic, with Fr. Daniel Samuel, priest of the Mission of St. Mary the Virgin, Montellano, Puerto Plata.
Team contact information: Piergiorgio Palace Hotel, Calle la Puntilla #1, El Batey, Sosua, Dominican Republic: Tel. 809-571-2215 [no international code is needed to call the hotel] e-mail: